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Born without fingers, Desmond Blair is a passionate artist and problem solver who works as a Project Manager at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital’s Information Technology Department.

Even though Desmond was the only child in school with an obvious limb difference, he used his determination and tenacity to go from the basic use of crayons to the sophisticated use of paint brushes and drawing of portraits. Desmond graduated from high school at the early age of 16.

Desmond taught himself to write and paint with his feet, his mouth and eventually both hands to overcome what seemed to be the insurmountable. His message today is this—you too can become the master of your soul and achieve divine passion in your work and life—no matter what the hurdles.

He promises to not only inspire, but to transform your perspective and even your ability to overcome obstacles, get focused, and reach for your dreams without the obvious limbs and body parts we all take for granted. His approach is not only a paradigm shift. It’s an approach-to-life shift.

Mr. Blair earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, at Dallas and later acquired a Masters in Fine Arts and Technology. Desmond has been written about and featured in a variety of prestigious print and broadcast media.

  • Scott Bennett
    "Desmond is more than a motivational speaker, he is problem solver.  He has helped me and my organization look within to overcome the challenges and roadblocks that we face daily.  Having the opportunity to know Desmond allows us to consider what is possible each and ever day."
  • David Freeman, Ed. D.
    "Desmond spoke at our high school graduation ceremony in May 2016. Sharing his art work and life story while focusing on his message of “different not disabled” genuinely impacted everyone in attendance, and I highly recommend any school, club, or organization look no further than Desmond Blair for an inspiring and meaningful message."
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